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Our Global Project The small, family farmers in the Mt. Meru region of Tanzania are insufficiently paid for their premium coffee beans, creating a cycle of poverty, poor health, lack of education and substandard quality of life. For the past 22 years, the Mt. Meru Coffee Project of the Greater Milwaukee Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has been paying these farmers a fair price for their beans, importing and roasting, and selling the premium coffee through congregations and online customers.

Our Partner’s Need

While the impact on improving quality of life for our partner farmers has been substantial because of the Coffee Project, our ability to continue to financially support them is currently in jeopardy due to the pandemic.  Our congregations have not been gathering in person, resulting in a 30% decrease in sales – a $25,000 shortfall.  Promoting special holiday packages and offering free shipping to encourage online orders has helped move inventory, but there is a real cost to this as well.  The volume of beans imported each year can be managed, but the goal - the mission - is to maintain our support of the farmers in our partner Meru Diocese through farmer training and financial support, regardless of sales volume.

Your Help Now

Your help is needed now in order to sustain this project through the pandemic, until congregations can return to their previous level of activity.

Please make a donation to the Mt. Meru Coffee Project online or send a check to Mt. Meru Coffee Project at P.O. Box 313, Waukesha WI  53187

Thank you.