Already a coffee farmer, Sara joined the Mt. Meru Specialty Coffee Growers Association as part of a Women Farmers Initiative organized at the Makumira Processing Center. She felt the training available and the support of other women farmers would help her as a single farmer.  Her farm consists of only one acre at 4,460 ft. elevation up Mt. Meru.

After joining and attending the training, she has added 87 coffee trees of an improved variety and plans to harvest next season for the first time since joining the Association. Sara says she learned how to grow coffee more efficiently at training, and plans for the future include uprooting the old trees and reducing the amount of shading.

Providing for her six children and grandchildren is motivating Sara’s hard work on the coffee farm, and she is counting on better providing for her family through her proceeds. The training provided by the Project and Association prepared her, she believes, for better crops and a better life for her and her family.