The Mt. Meru coffee project began in 1999. Growing out of passion to empower the small independent Meru coffee farmers with both Economic & Social Justice through fair prices for their coffee while providing the finest mountain grown select Tanzanian Arabica Coffee to you. Our global faith-based relationship developed out of the partnership between the Diocese of Meru, Evangelical Lutheran Church Tanzania (ELTC), and the Greater Milwaukee Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church America (ELCA).

All of our mountain and shade grown coffee is carefully custom roasted to provide the finest quality taste, hot or iced, in your favorite cup. Your coffee order is roasted, packaged, and shipped to maintain maximum quality and freshness.

Whether you prefer regular coffee, decaf coffee, flavored coffees, or want to roast your own green beans, Mt. Meru Coffee is there for you to enjoy with your favorite foods or desserts, while at work, during those times of relaxation or celebration with friends and family or those fleeting moments of quiet contemplation we all treasure.

Sit back and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee knowing that you are supporting a sustainable and better way of life for the coffee farmers of Tanzania.

                                                   Doing Justice Never Tasted So Good!