Which Flavored Coffee Suits You?

Since the 1990s, flavored coffee has been a popular beverage that revolutionized the coffee drinking culture. Years later, the coffee industry has developed from serving the usual morning cup of pure coffee to more sophisticated coffee blends for social gatherings or pleasurable drinks. 

Flavored coffee has been created for purpose and pleasure at the same time especially for coffee lovers who are looking for a variety of their favorite drink. There is a meticulous process in creating flavored coffee. With flavored coffee, regular coffee beans are coated with flavor compounds through chemical technology. Flavored liquid oils are also added after they have been roasted and even before they have been grounded.

Let’s get to know each coffee flavor that we offer:

  1. Mt. Meru Flavored Coffee

Mt. Meru coffee offers a variety of coffee flavors for you to choose from. We choose the same high-quality select coffee beans that we use in our regular and decaf coffee and we enhance it with our special coffee flavors.

Our flavored coffee packages come in 10oz. bags.

  1. Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate Raspberry is a combination of raspberry and chocolate. Raspberry is juicy while chocolate tastes silky. These combined undertones make this coffee flavor interesting. This is perfect for those who like fruity and cocoa flavors.   

  1.    French Vanilla

French vanilla is one of the popular flavors in ice cream and as well as in coffee. French Vanilla coffee is infused with vanilla extract that would leave a rich, sweet, and creamy taste after every sip. If you’re into sweet flavors then French Vanilla will enhance your pleasurable experience. 

  1.    Hazelnut

Hazelnut coffee is popular for not being too overpowering for flavored coffee. Expect to taste the blend of nutty flavor and the sweet aroma of coffee with the hazelnut coffee. If you like the Nutella spread for your bread then this flavored coffee is a good partner for it.   

  1.    Butter Pecan 

Butter Pecan is another popular flavor for flavored coffee because of the combined delicate taste of butter, milk, and ice cream. It takes inspiration from the vanilla flavor but it’s with pecans. If you want to upgrade from your classic vanilla flavor then the Butter Pecan is a must-try.   

  1. Mt. Meru Spring Blend

The Mt. Meru Spring Blend is a special offering for the spring season. It is a step upgrade from your favorite Peaberry Coffee. Packaged in 12 oz. bags, the Mt. Meru Spring blend is made of 80% regular beans and 20% Peaberry beans. It comes with three natural flavors which are dark chocolate, citrus, and coffee blossom.         

  1.    Dark chocolate– If you are a fan of rich chocolate flavors then the dark chocolate flavor is good for you because of its bittersweet and savory classic chocolate flavor.  
  1.    Citrus – If you prefer strong citrus fruit undertones then the Mt. Meru Spring Blend also offers you citrus coffee.This is a good alternative to your lemon juice.
  1. Coffee blossom – If you are curious about the exquisite flowery taste of coffee flavors then try the coffee blossom flavor where the balanced coffee flavor is achieved with the bitter flavor and floral undertone. This is a perfect flavor if you like to drink cranberry or jasmine tea.

It’s time for a pleasurable experience with flavored coffee!

Flavored coffee gives a distinctive and more pleasurable taste to our mornings. We could drink flavored coffee when we want to relax but maybe we could also add a little bit of flavor for our work coffee. This is why various coffee flavors are available for our various tastes, and a catalog of Mt. Meru Coffee Flavored Coffee will give you just that. All you have to do is choose the perfect flavor for you!