Which Coffee Should You Give on Valentine’s Day?

It’s Valentine’s once again, and it’s time to give gifts to the special people in our lives. For some people, it might be a special someone but for others, it could be family members and friends. Here in Mt. Meru, Valentine's gifts are not only given to a special someone because others are deserving of some love too.

For those looking for the perfect valentine's gift for a coffee lover, here is our complete selection that you can give. Our coffee selections come in different volumes, flavors, and packages. It also comes in whole beans or drip grind. Whatever your coffee lover might fancy, a coffee package could be the fit. 

  1. For the classic coffee drinker 

You can give our Mt. Meru Premium Coffee brew- Regular & Decaf. The Decaf selection is made with the same beans as the regular to achieve the best taste. This coffee selection is made with the right acidity and has hints of chocolate and fruity undertones.

Gift specialty: The classic coffee flavor awakens and appeals to the mood of goal-oriented and value-laden people who wants their coffee strong and simple

Ideal to give to: your hardworking father and mother who starts their day breakfast with a good brew, your hustling friend who plans the week, your busy boss whose coffee mug always sits beside him, or your go-getter lover who drinks a cup of coffee for a better day 

Available sizes: 12 oz. And 4 lbs. bags

  1. For the experiential coffee drinker

Our flavored selection of coffee is perfect for those who treat coffee as more than just a drink but also as a lifestyle. Our flavored coffee comes in four flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Butter Pecan. Made from the same fine beans just like from our Regular & Decaf selection, its impeccable taste would surely delight your coffee lover.

Gift specialty: The flavors appeal to your coffee lover’s sophisticated coffee taste especially with these popular flavors that they wouldn’t need to visit a coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee 

Ideal to give to: your sister who loves drinking iced coffee on a summer day, your lover who wants a different coffee flavor every morning beside their sunny side ups, and could be your best friend whose coffee taste is as varied as her perfume scents to suit her moods.

Available sizes: Packaged in 10 oz. bags

  1. For the social coffee drinker

Some people only drink coffee when invited for a drink or if there’s a visitor. Except if two people have already known each other for quite a while then one will not know what type of coffee drinker the person is. This is why it’s important to let them drink a moderate taste coffee that is not too bitter or not too sweet.

The Peaberry Coffee is made from rare coffee beans when a single coffee bean grows within the coffee cherry fruit instead of the normal twin coffee beans. 

Gift specialty: Our Peaberry Coffee is perfect for the social coffee drinker because it’s not made for a strong brew or made to suit a particular one.

Ideal to give to: to your aunt who’s spending Valentine’s Day under your turf, to the sweet receptionist and security guard who greets you good mornings, and to your new lover whom you only still had a couple of dates

Available sizes: Packaged in 12 oz. bags

  1. For the group coffee drinkers             

There are no offices without a coffee maker or coffee drinkers. If there is one, there are so rare that no one would want to work there anymore (just kidding!). Anyways, your officemates would love it if you bring joy with coffee for their daily grind (pun intended!)

This is why we are presenting our Perfect Pot Packing made for groups!

The pre-measured packets of our Perfect Pot Packing available in Regular and Decaf are perfect gifts for a large number of people. 

Aside from officemates, you could also give these to friends on your Valentine’s day dinner or to your family members who would love to wake up with their morning coffee on reach.

Gift specialty: These are individual pre-measured packets of Regular and Decaf coffee that could be provided to a lot of people

Ideal to give to: officemates for their daily grind, friends who are coffee lovers, and family members for their morning coffee

Available packs: Available in quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 75 packets                                    

  1. For the curious coffee drinkers

For those who don’t drink coffee a lot but could fall in love with it if given more time then the Premium Coffee Sampler could be a great gift for them. Some don’t know their favorite coffee flavor yet, so you might be the one who would help them choose it.

Gift specialty: These are samples of Mt. Meru coffee flavors that could appeal to coffee drinkers who are still exploring their coffee taste because each sample comes in different flavors

Ideal to give to: a fair-weather coffee lover or friend whom you want to drink coffee with, as souvenirs to your customers if you own a business, and an ideal gift for people whom you just recently acquainted 

Available packs: Available in 6 sample packages (2 oz. each)

  1. For the on-the-go coffee drinkers 

Some are always on the go in life but still drinks coffee by the early morning or by late afternoon. But if they’re always on the go then how would they take care of their coffee? Will they always need to buy a pack anywhere they will go? What if this on-the-go coffee lover is your lover or your best friend?

Well, you can always give them the Single Serve Coffee in Regular or Decaf. 

Gift specialty: These Single Serve Coffee cups of Mt. Meru in Regular or Decaf are convenient to carry along wherever anyone will go. 

Ideal to give to: For the traveler lover or friend who goes to many places and for those who are into outdoor activities such as camping  

Available packs: A box of 12 perfect cups of coffee in regular and decaf

  1. For those who are expert coffee drinkers

Some have experienced coffee tasting from many places that they already know what type of coffee is the best for them. These people may know more about coffee than you do. And if you’re confused with what to give them then you can give them Mt. Meru’s gift certificate.

Gift specialty: Give them the gift of choice through a gift certificate

Ideal to give to: For coffee lovers who are meticulous with their coffee selections                                        

Available: By request               

Coffee for Valentine’s Day!

Mt. Meru Coffee selections are perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day especially for the special people in your life who are coffee lovers. You can even complete your gift with a great coffee mug and a coffee table book.

Valentine’s Day will just be around the corner already, and you could never go wrong with a good pack of coffee for a valentine's gift!  

Aside from finding the perfect Valentine’s gift when you purchase Mt. Meru coffee, you are also helping us in Supporting Families, Growing Futures, and Changing Lives of small coffee growers in the Mt. Meru region of Tanzania.