What is the Right Coffee Grind for You?

Drinking coffee at the café is a popular lifestyle across the world. Coffee is a staple for everyday grinding (pun intended!) and a significant item on the grocery list. Either you drink at the café or want to brew it at home, you can never get enough of it. What makes coffee exciting is that you can create your coffee according to your preferred grind, temperature, and flavor.

Learn if you’d prefer coarse-grind coffee or fine-grind coffee. No matter what your coffee fix is, enjoying every sip is always a transcendent experience.

Why does the coffee grind matter?

Coffee taste starts with the grind size before you could even pour water on it. The strength of our coffee is determined by the grind size, so you must consider this before heating your water.

If you want to drink strong coffee especially during sleepy mornings or when you’re chasing deadlines at school or work, then you can grind it finer but if you don’t fancy drinking bitter coffee then you could grind it coarser. You will find more about coarse and fine grind as we go along.

Deciding on your coffee grind comes with many considerations such as different coffee brewing systems and personal taste. Sometimes, it’s also about deciding what’s the best grind to suit the current weather too!

Coarse ground vs fine ground coffee

Both coffee grinds present a fine coffee experience, and you can enjoy them one type of grind at a time.

If you’re a strong coffee drinker then you should fine grind your coffee. Fine ground is packed closely. In turn, it would take longer for water to pass through so more flavor is extracted. This is the reason why strong coffee tastes bitter. If your coffee is coarsely grounded, then water would move freely and so less flavor is extracted.

Your coffee taste would depend on the bean type of your coffee, your method, the equipment, and other additions such as milk and sugar. There are also levels of coarse of fine coffee ground that would suit your preference:

  • Fine Grind
  • Medium-Fine Grind
  • Medium Grind
  • Medium-Coarse Grind
  • Coarse Grind

Every coffee grind with Mt. Meru coffee

Because we know that you have preference over coffee and still get the best coffee experience then we have the right coffee products that you can choose from.

If you prefer fine grind then you could choose from our #4 Mt Meru Green Coffee beans, Peaberry coffee, and Regular/Decaf. If you prefer coarse grind, you could choose from our Chocolate Raspberry, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Butter Pecan.

Enjoy your coffee experience with your preferred grind!