The Organizations Working Together for the Mt. Meru Coffee Project

The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is a dream come true that has impacted over a thousand lives of Tanzanian coffee farmers. For this coffee project to thrive and sustain in raising its coffee products to an international standard, many organizations work together. 

The following are the organizations that are working together in farming, operations, manufacturing, and exporting. 

  1. Greater Milwaukee Synod (GMS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and the Diocese of Meru of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) 

The ELCA and ELCT began the coffee project partnership after one conversation between a Milwaukee priest and a Tanzanian coffee farmer. The Tanzanian coffee farmer proposed to sell their coffee to the priest. A great idea had been born to start a coffee project. 

  1. Fair Trade Federation 

The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is part of the Fair Trade Federation by paying a higher price for the premium coffee being harvested by Tanzanian coffee farmers. This fair-price negotiation enables the coffee farmers to support their families with dignity and escape the cycle of poverty. 

  1. Meru Specialty Coffee Growers Association (MMSCGA) 

The MMSCGA was established for the coffee farmers to work together to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs with the jointly owned enterprise between the ELCA and ELCT. The enterprise is also democratically controlled ensuring fair wages and fair working conditions. The Association is comprised of 32 farmer groups with approximately 2,000 farmers and five processing centers in Makumira, Leguruki, Mulala, Silk, and NIA.

  1. Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI)

Sponsored by the Mt Meru Coffee Project, the coffee farmers also attend continuous professional development on improving their agricultural practices provided by TaCRI. Through this scholarship, the farmers could keep producing premium coffee at par with international standards. You too could even sponsor a coffee farmer’s scholarship. 

As they say, it takes a community to build a dream, and the Mt. Meru Coffee Project seeks every facet of the community to sustain this dream. You are also a part of the dream in every purchase of Mt. Meru Coffee.