The Better Lives of Coffee Farmers with the Mt. Meru Coffee Project

It all began with a conversation between a Milwaukee priest and a coffee farmer when the latter tried selling coffee to the former.

Fast forward now and since 1999, one Tanzanian coffee farmer’s dream of developing a thriving and sustainable farm impacted the many lives of others because the Mt. Meru Coffee Project is supporting families, growing futures, and changing lives with each cup of coffee.

You too can be part of the continuing dream for the farmers of Mt. Meru Coffee Project. For each purchase of Mt. Meru Coffee, you are supporting a Tanzanian coffee farmer’s life who is, in turn, is supporting their family.

Let’s get to know how the Mt. Meru Coffee Project is changing a Tanzanian coffee farmer’s life. 

  1. Supporting their families with dignity 

The Mt. Meru Coffee Project is helping raise the price of the coffee products being produced by about 2,000 Tanzanian coffee farmer partners to a global standard. The Project purchases coffee that far exceeds the average market price so that the profits generated by the purchase would ensure that the Tanzanian coffee farmers can support their families with dignity. 

  1. Improving their agricultural skills  

For Tanzanian coffee farmers to continue producing and improving their coffee products, the Mt. Meru Coffee project partnered with Tanzanian Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) so that the farmers can improve their knowledge on modern agricultural practices and combine it with their practice skills.  

At the end of every program, the farmers would receive a free cultivar plant that is insect and disease resistant. 

The farmers’ training is held for 3 days in the TaCRI facility, and you could sponsor a farmer’s training for $55. 

  1. Sending their children to school

Because of the fair trade in the purchase of coffee products, the Tanzanian coffee farmers are not only able to feed their families with dignity but they are also able to send their children to school. With the children in school, these families can improve the quality of their lives in the long run. 

With every purchase of Mt. Meru Coffee, the proceeds go to education, healthcare facilities, and overall improvement of the region.