Enjoy Mt. Meru Premium Peaberry Coffee

The Mt Meru Coffee Project has a special treat for you, your family, and your friends. Only 5% of coffee beans picked are peaberry. These are single beans that have grown within the coffee “cherry” where two beans normally grown. These single coffee beans offer a richer coffee taste while being less acidic than standard coffee.

These beans need to be sorted by hand and lightly roasted for the special flavor you can enjoy. These coffee beans are oval in shape rather than having a flat side on each bean. This means they roast more evenly. Both whole bean and drip grind peaberry coffee are available but not in decaf.

Peaberry oval shaped single beans to the left. Normal flat-sided double beans to the right

Why should you support our products?

The Mt Meru Coffee Project is improving the standard of living for the families of the coffee farmers on Mt Meru by paying a price higher than fair trade standards. These farm families live on 3-5 acre farms where they grow sustenance crops and, in most cases, grow coffee as their only cash crop.