A Coffee Flavor for Every Mood

Drinking coffee led to a worldwide cultural evolution that significantly contributed not only to the economy but also to culture and lifestyle. Since coffee is the companion for lifestyle, there are now different flavors to suit each experience.

Mt. Meru offers different flavors to suit your mood for every aspect of your life.

1. For working mood

Motivated in completing your tasks and achieving your goals? Are you seeking an energy booster that would keep you grinding?

The Mt. Meru Premium Coffee is the perfect fit for your motivation because it is made with the right acidity and you could taste hints of chocolate and fruity undertones. It is available in regular and decaf and you could choose between 12 oz. and 4 lbs. bags. Our decaf coffee is made from the same selected coffee beans used in our regular coffee, so you could taste the best decaf there is. 

2. For a relaxing mood

If you’re not grinding in achieving your goals and simply want to relax then Mt. Meru’s flavored coffee is ideal for you. You can drink it in either way whether warm or iced.

Selected from high-quality beans and packaged in 10 oz. bags, Mt. Meru offers flavored coffee in both regular and decaf. You can choose from four exciting flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Butter Pecan. These flavors are indeed ideal for iced coffee in summer!

3. For socializing mood

Catching up with friends during sunlit afternoons is usually bonding over coffee. If you’re inviting some friends over to your home, then serve them with Mt Meru Premium Peaberry Coffee that would delight their taste buds.

Mt. Meru Premium Peaberry Coffee is specially made from a single coffee bean that grows within the coffee “cherry” fruit instead of the normal twin coffee beans. Just 5% of beans grown from normal coffee beans, you could enjoy this coffee that has a richer flavor, is less acidic, and is available in whole beans or drip grind. You can order a 12 oz. bag for a start.

Different coffee experiences for different moods

Coffee is the perfect companion for every mood. Whether you’re grinding for your goals by day, relaxing by late afternoon, or catching up with friends, drinking coffee enriches your experiences. It is not a surprise that most people could not imagine a day without drinking coffee. Mt. Meru coffee could enrich your ideal coffee experience! Choose from our different flavors!