A feel good and super tasty coffee. We utilize six processing centers that aggregate beans from the local villages and small holders. It has been a work in progress to produce top quality beans and without the help of the Meru Coffee Project would have been an unachievable goal.  They brought in new processing equipment and sorting equipment as well as switching to grainpro (a lightweight, multi-layered plastic with a proprietary barrier that prevents moisture and air exchange) for transit and storage to greatly improve the quality of the beans.

Tasting Notes: A very tasty traditional Tanzanian coffee. A bit lower acidity and best from a medium to dark roast. The cup gets real nice and chocolaty, a bit rustic and semi-sweet with some lovely spice tones. Medium roasts produce just a hint of acidity that adds a lot of depth to the cup and with a little luck, one can detect a hint of caramel/floral along side of the more potent chocolaty spice notes. A lovely daily drinker, a good cup to sip on all day long. Darker roasts get a bit more rough and tumble, strong chocolate and spice with hints of smoke in the aftertaste. This cup profile is always one of our favorite darker roast coffees, strong with a wonderful mix of tones while avoiding extreme sour or bitter.